Sunday, December 20, 2009


My mind never stops. I'm constantly wading through a stream of thoughts that come so rapidly at times I can barely stand to think at all. But I do...and when the thoughts become too much I write them down. This blog is a story...and not just mine. It's the story of all who dare to make it their own. I want you to look inside my words for your own life, because I'm sure it's there. Look in my darkest hours, my wildest dreams, my deepest fears, and my greatest joys. While we live it individually, we are all bound to the great ticking clock of time and the all-encompassing journey of life.

This blog is titled "Dance in Shadow," for a very specific reason. I am coming out of many heartaches and troubles, insecurities, fears, and times of despair. This blog is my acknowlegement that these things don't go away overnight, they still haunt you and place a shadow on your life. But that doesn't mean we can't live life anyway. We can still thrive, we can still find beauty in the dark places. This blog is my way of dancing in the shadows of my past...working through them day by day...finding myself and growing past the heartache. I also want to bring you, my readers, along with me. I want to know what you think. I want you to pull yourself through the shadows of your life too...and together we can go deeper into ourselves and pull out the beautiful souls I know are there.

I hope you enjoy reading, and I can have the honor of inspiring your life in some way.

Stay strong,


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